About the Artist

The creator behind SeRn designs has created a unique style of clothing with positive vibes and distinctive artistic qualities.  SeRn products blend style with comfort by incorporating hand-drawn lettering and graffiti art with innovative characteristics.  

Growing up, the designer possessed an innate passion for drawing letters in different styles.  As a child, drawing letters became a hobby, and his craft eventually grew into an artistic form of expression and creativity. 

Over the years, the artist became particularly fascinated with graffiti art reminiscent of 1990’s culture, which is evident in his designs.  New York City street art sparked his interest, and his creations further evolved.     

SeRn features items that are all custom made. Every shirt features writing that is drawn by the owner.  Each letter is constructed almost abstractly, whereby each letter connects to the other, giving life to the words and messages on the clothing. 

SeRn clothing is lively and fun. 

The various styles and colors of the line make SeRn wearable and attractive to just about anyone.   


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